• Automated Testing
    Automated Testing Dover Systems provide both the Dover Test, as well as the Dover Reaction Test.
  • Automated Score Program
    Automated Score Program Immediately after completing a test or test battery, the Dover Report Generator will mark the test and print out a result.
  • The Dover Test
    The Dover Test The Dover Test is a modern computer administered culture fair testing equipment of management skills in Mining, Construction and Transport. Culture free testing and reporting make it ideal for international use.


Welcome to Dover Systems. Dover Systems is a provider of a well-established and broadly applied evaluation system.

While safety, performance and state of readiness are applied in the routine vehicle checks, they should also feature heavily in the selection of drivers. This is especially so, as many of problems are often ascribed to human error or human performance.

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Dover Test International

  • Dover Systems
    Dover Systems
  • The Dover Test
    The Dover Test

Dover Induction DVD

Dover Systems is the provider of The Dover Test.

Induction Dvd can be viewed on Youtube - refer link below:



The Dover Test

A universally accepted and applied test, which consists of five (5) basic modules for:

  • Eye-hand-foot co-ordination and reaction
  • Size and shape and spatial recognition
  • 2Hand Co-ordination, movement and practical trainability
  • Speed/Distance estimation measurement
  • Concentration and attention with visual field testing

Copy and paste the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtfY4JJdYf0 into your search Engine to view the Dover Induction on Youtube/ click on the link and you will be directed to Youtube directly


Dover Reaction Test

Also known as the Dover “Light” Test, based on the principles of the Dover Test (from the VTS batteries, Landeter (LN-Deter) batteries and independent tools).

A self contained identification and reaction test with a built in 7” inch screen and input buttons for response.  

Automated Report Generator

Available: Report Generator for the Dover Test, now as well as for the DRT.


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